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    Hoang Minh tea, top quality reputation in Vietnam
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    Hoang Minh Tea
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About Us

Top quality tea in Vietnam

Hoang Minh tea is produced on a modern European-standard process, fresh and clean raw materials help the tea taste the best.

Why choose Us?

Highest quality

Effective Planning

Pure taste

Why choose Us?

The freshest ingredients

Why choose Us?

Nice packaging

Why choose Us?

No impurities

Why choose Us?

No chemicals

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world

Tea has a complex positive effect on the body. Daily use of a cup of tea is very good for your health

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We are the leading prestigious brand in Vietnam. There are nearly 300 domestic and foreign partners.

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The use of green tea

Reducing the risk of cancer Green tea contains antioxidants, which help protect your body from carcinogens. Prevent cardiovascular disease. Slow down the aging process. Help to lose weight. Helps healthy bones. Reduce Cholesterol Improve memory . Helps liver healthy. Maintain blood pressure level. Reduce risk of diabetes. Improve immune system. Preventing the flu. Reduce the risk of asthma. Prevent tooth decay. Cure ear infections.


Customer comments

Hoang Minh Tea Company is very reputable, good service, quality and delicious tea. Tea is both a pure and rich drink, while at the same time bringing a spiritual experience to the mind, nostalgia and peace

Trung Quân Officer

After enjoying a delicious teapot, you will feel refreshed, gentle and serene feeling. The person who finishes drinking tea will feel lightheaded and refreshed, like he will let go of all worries and troubles.

Đình Vĩnh accountant

Tea is a finished product that is easy to smell or susceptible to odor. Therefore just a little observant can detect "strange smell" in tea. If the product uses pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the taste will be very different.

Thanh Dương Head of Logistic

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